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Tech Jobs – Breaking into the games industry

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The games industry is growing hugely in Ireland, with plenty of companies hiring right now. LAURA O’BRIEN finds out what it takes to land a dream job in this field. Gaming has become a powerful industry, growing from a niche pastime to a multi-billion euro market. Such rapid growth has brought great opportunities, particularly in Ireland where companies such as Demonware, Jolt Online Gaming, PopCap Games, Havok and Gala Networks [read more]

Startup Capital in Ireland

Demonware’s former CTO, Sean Blanchfield, with a blog post on learnings from his recent adventures in the Irish venture capital world, and on making “Silicon Liffey” a reality. Sean’s current venture is Front Square Full blog post.

Demonware boss warns of skills gap in Irish computer science courses

Tony Kelly, CEO of Demonware, pointed out a huge skills gap between Irish and Canadian graduates of computer science programmes, saying they hired 95pc of Canadian interns compared to 10pc of Irish interns. Speaking to before yesterday’s Intel Transforming Education In Ireland event, Kelly pointed out that the quality of Canadian graduates of computer science courses is “astonishing.” Full article.

Interactive Games Associations’ Barry O’Neill and Paschal Donohoe (Fine Gael)

Video from Silicon Republic Interactive Games Associations’ Barry O’Neill and Senator Paschal Donohoe (Fine Gael) announce Ireland’s game industry strategy.

The high-tech sector will lead Ireland out of recession – Enda Kenny

Video on Silicon Republic Fine Gael leader namechecks DemonWare in launching his parties digital gaming strategy for the next five years at Popcap’s Dublin office. Senator Paschal Donohoe (now TD) was instrumental in drafting the paper.