Posts from August 2012

Linux Jobs in Demand

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The report can be downloaded here. Linux is: the largest collaborative development project in computing history with 15 million lines of code developed by 8,000 developers from 800 companies Activated in 850,000 Android phones every day Sold in 700,000 TVs every day Run on 9/10 super computers All powered by Linux: Google, Twitter, Amazon… and DemonWare! How linux is built: Related article: The Linux Talent Draft is On

Black Ops II Multiplayer Blowout: Scorestreaks Replace Killstreaks, Livestreaming Goes Big-Time, Leagues, and More

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So much for Call of Duty being gaming’s safely predictable 800lb gorilla. The people making the new Black Ops II are changing multiplayer. A lot. Including new info on: Scorestreaks replacing Killstreaks Class Creation overhaul eSport features – livestreaming & shoutcasting Read full article @ Kotaku