Life @ Demonware

Gaming has long been a driving force in the evolution of hardware and software. Likewise, the explosion in growth of online games poses huge technical challenges in a highly dynamic environment.

We are:

  1. solving problems that scale up to millions of active users
  2. working on all major hardware platforms and the latest consoles
  3. using a wide spectrum of programming languages and open source technologies
  4. leading the way with the latest network game technologies
  5. powering the online communities of 5 of the top 10 best-selling games of all time

Although we are owned by a corporation, we recognise and pride ourselves on keeping our own identity and culture:

Why Demonware is awesome Video game technology has long been a driving force in the evolution of both hardware and software. Similarly, the rapidly growing community of online games raises new technical challenges. Demonware engineers are at the forefront of highly dynamic and cutting edge industry.

We do the hard stuff Matchmaking, leaderboards, website integration, analytics, content streaming, social networking, automated deployments and orchestration, security, utility computing… the list goes on… and on…

Coffee Demonware couldn’t function without coffee, so we have multiple redundancy in three coffee machines – the most precious of which, the Impressa X7-S, issues maintenance warnings when it goes down for servicing. Seriously.

Open source Although a wholly owned subsidiary of the Activision-Blizzard behemoth, we’re indie to our roots. Supporting open source is very important to us and we contribute both code and resources back to the community. We’re an engineering-driven company to our bones.

Work smart…

We need people who get things done. Our project lifecycles are generally weeks and months, not years. Ideas are ten a penny, but decent implementation is priceless. All our managers speak fluent nerd.

…not hard We all need a life outside work, so it’s good to know that if you get your work done, you’re not required to hang around the office. There’s no competition to be the last to leave. We ensure that our staff do not burn themselves out.

Great partners Work alongside some of the most talented game studios in the world: Neversoft, Blizzard, Bungie, Treyarch, High Moon, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, Freestyle Games. We also work closely with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Valve, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create and support great online experiences for players.

Multicultural Demonware is home to a diverse bunch of nationalities – Irish, Canadian, Syrian, Zimbabwean, Australian, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Polish, New Zealanders, American, German, Italian – we’ve never let artificial barriers get in our way.

Summit Although we work in geographically and temporally varied locations, each year we get the whole company together for an all expenses paid week-long conference where we plan the future, swap ideas, share best practices, and generally muck around and have some fun.

Creativity Demonware harbours a diverse bunch of people which has shaped our unique company culture. Hacked coffee machines… Arduino based tom-foolery… USB-powered cats… Retro gaming museum… Unit tests that report their results in haiku… Rick-rolling lunch boxes… A surprising number of Demonware employees are as busy building things in their spare time as they are in the workplace. From homebrew to geodesic domes to acoustic guitars – the common thread is that we like doing things and building things. We even have a mod of Counter Strike, based on the Dublin office. We’ve been described as: “What Google was like to work for when they were fun.”

Curiosity Most people here want to know how something works and why, and won’t be satisfied until they understand it.

Playing Whether it’s play-testing the latest Call of Duty DLC maps during lunch or an inter-office Stacraft II blitz after work, we play games. Sometimes we even have to play them in work too. Life’s hard.

Open and honest culture It’s your company and career, so you should have a say in the direction we’re going in, as well as how we get there. Performance reviews with 360 degree feedback that actually mean something.

Sleep is good We like our software to be both performant and reliable so we can all sleep better at night during launches. We regularly fire up 400+ top-spec Amazon VMs to load-test server clusters, our monitoring systems collect hundreds of thousands of metrics each second, and our NOC keeps overwatch 24/7/365.